How to put Instagram photos on blogger blog ♥ 在部落格放上 Instagme個人專屬相片日誌

by - 4/27/2014

如果你也有自己的相片日誌! 想分享到自己的博客上, 其實非常的簡單~!!讓我來教各位如何把APP instagram放在自己的blog上吧!!其實下面有三款可以讓大家做選擇,我只介紹分享其中一個我比較常用的  ♥

First go to intagme , you will see this.


你也可以選擇是否每張圖都有share button.

get your HTML

get the HTML, copy them then post it where you want to put on the blog.

Finally ,look like this on my blog site.

我整理了三個版本給大家!   那時候我考慮好久不知道要用哪個 ~ 於是選了三個裡面折中款

Three link of website which you can put your personal instagram photos on your blog or website.

最簡單的官方網站版本 most simple :

I have this on my blog right now. 我部落格上所使用的

其他可用選擇 Another choice;

It`s very easy to share your instagram with others. Thanks for reading ,Don`t forget to Follow my  instagram.

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